Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 5

Another windy day, more windy than the day before. The pilots get restless and tired of the dust and wind start rallying the task and safety meeting to call the day for a rest day. Still we're already out there and dealing with the conditions but the loose dust makes it so easy to see every little gust. The rigids go out first and several pilots come back to a re-light. Eventually the rigids get out of here but low.

Everyone is still not enthusiastic about the day or the conditions and finally the task and safety committee call the day about 1:00pm.

Now the long schlog back walking the gliders to the hotel. With the dolly it's no problem but without a cart its miserable. I don't have a cart and by the time I get back I'm pretty winded.

After parking the glider, we all meet at the pool for a nice safe game of frisbee. At least this time it's with somebody that can throw (Chris Smith). The hotel had a BBQ buffet that has a lot of food and most everyone eats too much. I for one ate so much that no breakfast is required this morning.

Tomorrow is supposed to be better.

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Jeff Chipman said...

Ok,,,,who's calling a game of frizbee "Safe"??
We miss u.....